Simple Sheet Pan Nachos 

Fall marks the time to turn on our ovens again to whip up quick and easy oven baked dishes.

Sheet pan cooking (which just means placing all of your prepped ingredients on one tray and baking) is a great time saving, no fuss approach to cooking at home.

Sheet Pan Nacho ShotsSheet Pan Nacho Shots-2Sheet Pan Nacho Shots-3Sheet Pan Nacho Shots-5

Our simple Sheet Pan Nachos are on the menu this week. We love this dish because it is a healthy version of nachos (you know exactly what’s going into your dinner unlike when you order nachos from a restaurant), and you simple pile the ingredients on one tray, set your timer for just a few minutes, and voila, dinner done.
Plus, we support eating meat-free a couple of nights a week, for our health and to reduce our carbon footprint, so these nachos are the perfect solution to a happy and healthy “meat-free Monday.”
Bon Appetit!
Jess Foley
Marketing Meister @ Meisterdish

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