5 Thanksgiving Table Decorations Ideas

Making even just a small effort to decorate your Thanksgiving table goes a long way. When your guests walk into a cozy dining room with Thanksgiving-themed decorations, it instantly sets the tone for a feast that is different to all other celebrations.

We are all about making life as easy and enjoyable as possible at Meisterdish, so we have scoured our favorite Instagram accounts and have selected our top 5 Thanksgiving decorations ideas to inspire you!

Not all pumpkins need to be carved
(Insert this Instagram image: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bao86RYB-FS/?taken-by=reesewitherspoon)
Let’s face it: carving a pumpkin is hard work and time consuming. Why not simply paint a few different sized pumpkins instead? Go donut-style like Reese Witherspoon, paint jack-o-lantern faces or simple gold polka dots all over your pumpkins, or write out “Happy Thanksgiving” and place the pumpkins on the stoop or porch, so your guests can check out your craft skills on arrival.

Place a Pumpkin on Each Plate
(Insert this Instagram image: https://www.instagram.com/p/BadBVTGgYqz/?taken-by=clothandgold)
No time to paint a pumpkin? We get it! Take it back a notch and simple buy mini pumpkins (they are available everywhere right now!) and place one pumpkin on each plate. Even this small effort, gives people the warm-and-fuzzies and shows them that you’ve put effort into the occasion.

White on White
(Insert this Instagram image: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZHxzsMFCgh/?taken-by=loithai)
Setting an all white Thanksgiving table is a super sleek and stylish way to dress up your table, and you can easily keep it Thanksgiving themed, just like @loithai. Here, he’s used medium lumina pumpkins, mini baby boo pumpkins, small & medium antlers, dried hydrangeas and votive candles.

Thanksgiving Wreaths
(Insert this Instagram image: https://www.instagram.com/p/BamLhXKAiP2/?taken-by=thewreathgirl)
If there’s one person that knows how to get a wreath right, it is Cristina Albright (a.k.a @thewreathgirl). Throughout the year, she creates wreaths to suit every season and occasion, but she goes into creative overdrive for Thanksgiving. Buy one ready-made or DIY with the kids! Wreaths look pretty placed on the table and hung on the doors and walls.

Name Tags on Leaves
(Insert this Instagram image: https://www.instagram.com/p/BafOtyBlULr/?taken-by=thenativemamastudio)
Honor the fall season by painting your guests’ names on leaves you’ve picked up in, say, Central Park, and use them as DIY place cards. We are loving the green and gold fall tones used by Laura Mae Louden of @thenativemamastudio. While you might not have a calligrapher on hand in the house (that’s likely the case!), you can just dob in the person with the best writing/paint skills to complete the task for you. Trust us, everybody loves chipping in and contributing for big occasions like Thanksgiving!

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Jessica Foley
Marketing Meister @ Meisterdish





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