Food Waste

A few weeks ago, we featured a story about the upcoming release of Anthony Bourdain’s newest project, Wasted! The Story of Food Waste. After watching it, we felt inspired to write a follow up regarding the important information that was provided on food waste, and how it relates to the Meisterdish community.

We all get tired of throwing out old or unused food, and feeling the frustration that these wasted materials bring. The same questions are asked week to week, “Why didn’t I use that in time? Why did I waste that food? That money?”

Well, here at Meisterdish, we are trying to take away that frustration and create meals that benefit you, your schedule, and the ever-growing issue of waste. We make sure you are getting the right amount of high quality food, in a timely matter, that you can quickly and easily prepare at home. By doing so, we are taking out the opportunity for bad ingredients, over purchasing, over preparation, poor planning, and spoilage. There is no worry, there is no waste.


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