Raffetto’s Pasta

Since eating locally sourced ingredients is something that we love here at Meisterdish, it seemed only natural to utilize the fresh pasta from Raffetto’s of New York City for our dishes. The Raffetto family have been creating their amazing pasta since 1906, making them a century old kitchen, and restaurant staple.

There are a few reasons why we love Raffetto’s so much. Like us, Raffetto’s is known for making fresh ingredients for New Yorker’s on a daily basis. We also relate to their family philosophy, which they have stuck by for the last 111 years. This being that they “use the best quality ingredients to produce the best quality pasta”. There really is no substitute for fresh, quality ingredients. When you start combining the two, it is easy to taste the difference in your dishes.

We are not the only ones who believe Raffetto’s is the go-to pasta spot in New York. An article on Gastrophoria describes them as “the Chefs’ Top Secret Pasta Headquarters”, and refers to their products as “glorious”. Some other outlets that have featured Raffetto’s include the Food Network, Serious Eats, the New York Times, and Time Out New York.

Each article that we could find confirms that the Rafetto family have perfected the art of pasta, and continue to bring fresh, affordable ingredients to all who shop at their store.

Learn more about Raffetto’s on their website: http://raffettospasta.com

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