The Future of Protein


Photo Source (Toa Heftiba)

There is a plethora of different diets to elect for yourself, whether it is a choice made for taste preference, for health and wellbeing or for personal values or beliefs. One diet trend the Meisterdish team has kept their eyes on is that of plant-based foods and here’s why:

At Meisterdish, we reflect constantly upon the sustainable future for food so we wanted to explore plant-based recipes and their impact to bettering human health, positively impacting climate change, addressing global resource restraints and improving animal welfare.

There has been a number of articles and recent news on the advantages of plant-based diets to both our bodies and our environment. Articles from the UN, Fast Company and Huffington Post all point to the fact that we all need to start thinking about more sustainable choices in our diet habits for long-term food security.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 4.11.30 PM.png

(From Beyond Meat )

You may not be aware but Meisterdish already has about 40 plant-based recipes in our database with new additions every month. You can check by clicking on the dish and finding the icon “vegan” or “plant-based”.

Our latest plant-based menu addition is the “Beyond Meat” Banh Mi Burger. Beyond Meat is the up and coming brand for plant protein which the team at Meisterdish are raving about – especially when it’s combined with our Banh Mi Burger recipe. Even the skeptics of plant-based ingredients won’t be able to deny the satisfaction from this burger… so why not try and start making smarter choices for our future of food.




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