Meet Joyce Farms

At Meisterdish, we only use fresh ingredients sourced daily, and which is why we partnered with Joyce Farms.

Joyce Farms is a family oriented business, which is why after Alvin Joyce started his farm in 1962, they have continued to be a family-owned business. As the years went by, their knowledge of poultry continued to grow. They wanted to supply the top culinary markets with the taste, texture and culinary advantages of superior birds, raised with no pesticides, animal by-products, hormones, growth stimulators or antibiotics EVER. Today they do just that. Which is now what they call Naked Chicken, and it’s the finest all-natural domestic chicken for sale in America.


The more they traveled the world and learned about culinary matters, the more they realized that Americans were missing out on a rich array of culinary class poultry. Their search took us to Europe where they have been cultivating slow-growing heritage breeds for generations. They found the nest of these to bring home, reviving traditional raising methods to produce specialty poultry and game that impresses even the most discerning chefs with its quality and flavor. They call this their Heritage Poultry – chicken, French Guinea hen and pheasant of exceptional texture and taste.

Not content with just producing the finest chickens, they sought out other worlds to conquer. Turning to the grass-fed beef category, they aimed to produce something that had been lacking: grass-fed beef with consistently full flavor and tenderness. And so was born their Heritage Beef (formerly Naked Beef), a grass-fed beef with a taste that beats out the best beef in any category. They also introduced Naked Rabbit and Naked Duck, making Joyce Farms the premier source for all natural chicken, beef and game in the United States.

No wonder why we make such a great team.

joycefarms 2

Check out their website to learn more!

View video on Joyce Farm’s Heritage Poultry program HERE

View video on Joyce Farm’s 100% Grass Fed Beef program HERE

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