Best Foods to Eat Before Bed

We all know how hard it can be to break the habit of late night snacking. But what if we told you that it might actually be good for you? Heres a list of the best foods to eat before you go to bed, and how it can actually benefit your sleeping schedule.

1. Banana and nuts. 
Have half of a banana with a handful of your favorite nuts. You’re getting tryptophan and carbs, it’s a great mix.

2. Crackers and peanut butter. 
Get a few whole wheat crackers and spread on some all-natural peanut butter for a mix of complex carbs and protein with tryptophan.

3. A bowl of cereal.
The milk contains tryptophan and the whole-grain cereal adds the complementary complex carbs. Just be sure to ditch the Captain Crunch — avoiding sugar helps prevent a sleep-disruptive blood sugar crash during the night.

4. Cheese stick. 
Munching on a low-fat cheese stick before bed supplies tryptophan. Plus, a lean protein can leave you calm and less frazzled while keeping your blood sugar on an even keel during the night, according to Kirkpatrick.

List provided by Huffington Post!


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