The Emotions of Cooking One of Our Meals for the First Time (shown by gifs)

At Meisterdish, we make our meals as easy as possible for you to make, by washing, prepping, and giving step by step directions on what to do. However, we still know how intimidating it can be to get into the kitchen and cook something new. Here’s our interpretation of cooking one of our boxes for the first time, as told by gifs!

  1. Opening your box and being super excited to eat!

2. Panicking for a second when you realize you have to cook the food without burning your house down.

3. But then seeing our easy to follow instructions and realizing everything is going to be okay (we promise).

4. When you start cooking and are enjoying the smells and sounds of your homemade meal, and feeling like someone from the cooking network.

5. Looking at the gourmet meal you’ve prepared in 10 minutes and feeling super proud of yourself.

6. FINALLY, getting to enjoy your homemade meal!

7. Being satisfied, full, and feeling a little bit healthier and more like an adult for eating at home instead of picking up fast food.

8. Lastly, daydreaming about what new delicious meal you’re going to cook tomorrow!

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