DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to try out some fun and creative DIY projects! Try our favorite DIY hacks for this year’s Thanksgiving and share your work with us using the #Meisterdish for us to see! Happy crafting!

1. Pear Centerpiece

Stock up on seasonal produce at the grocery store for a chic (and cheap) table decoration. Cut out paper “leaves” and write down messages of gratitude — or use them as easy place cards.


DIY Source: Good House Keeping


2. Caligraphy Pumpkin

Grab some white or light colored pumpkins, a gold paint pen, and gold spray paint, and start decorating! Write your favorite fall or Thanksgiving phrases in your favorite font, spray paint the stem gold, and you’ll have a beautiful and easy table decor. You can even write your guests names on the pumpkin and use them as name cards!


DIY Source: GingerRay

3. A New Thanksgiving Tradition

Get a blank plastic or artificial pumpkin and any color sharpie. Have all of your guests sign the pumpkin so you can remember this special Thanksgiving forever!


DIY Source: Eclectically Vintage

4. DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece

Here you’ll find a unique DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece that is easy and fun to make. Just scoop out a pumpkin and fill it with fresh flowers, twigs, and berries from your own backyard.


DIY Source: Room For Improvements

5. Watercolor Leaves

A fun and easy DIY decoration that you can do with the entire family! All you need is a tree branch, string, watercolor, and paper. Once done painting your favorite fall colors, cut out leaf shapes either by hand or tracing, then tie the string to your leaves and the branch!


Decor Source:  Happiness is Homemade

Thanks for Reading!

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