Our Answer To The Wall Street Journal on The Surprising Rewards of Meal Kits

Dear Ms.Wilson,

We’ve read your article and we love what you say.

We strongly agree that the success of meal kits is a sign that more people than ever, want to cook more passionately than ever before.

We also agree that the hard part is not the cooking but it is the shopping and schlepping and the figuring out what on earth to make.

We are also happy to hear your unexpected liking of the meal kit experience as much as you are a home chef of your own.

But we beg to differ when you say that meal kits are not the future of cooking. We think Meisterdish is the future of cooking, if we may say so…

You talk about the waste meal kit companies create. We understand and agree so we go a step further to minimize the waste that other meal kit companies produce. We are not a subscription based service that delivers boxes from a warehouse. We create single or double portions meal-kits that are made-to-order, delivered within an hour for cooking that night. This allows us to wash, chop and portion to the tee for your daily dinner needs, thus just a small recycled “take-out like” box with everything you need.

You say flavors and ingredients aren’t as good in the meal kits you’ve tried.

Well, it has been a journey together with our customers to create our 200+, 10-15 minute meals that play with the flavors of freshness that you can only achieve when you source on a daily basis and thoughtfully mise-en-place for your customers like a restaurant.

Just think about the time it usually takes a good restaurant to serve your first dish… 10 minutes. We are like that restaurant, but we prepare everything and allow you to take the final steps of putting everything under heat.

Thank you for your article as we believe it enforces our mission to help people eat well every day.

We strongly agree with you that cooking is one of the great human pleasures.

Warm regards,

Hannah de Boer, CEO Meisterdish

To read the full article, please click on the link –  https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-surprising-rewards-of-meal-kits-1543509922

 Or see below –

Image credit to Christopher Silas Neal – https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-surprising-rewards-of-meal-kits-1543509922


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