The Best Of Simple Winter Desserts

What’s better than dessert? Desserts that take less than an hour to make! Check out some of these delicious and quick winter-themed treats!

1. Snowball Cookies


These treats are super easy to make and super delicious! All you need

-all-purpose flour
-walnuts, finely chopped
-vanilla extract
-softened butter, chopped
-powdered sugar

Total Time= 25 minutes!

Click HERE for the recipe

2. Cookie Smores


A cookie, mixed with a s’more? Say no more! All you need

– chocolate chunk cookies
-chocolate spread (or melted chocolate)
-mini marshmallows (or 2 large marshmallows)
-graham cracker crumbs

Total Time= 10 minutes

Click HERE for the recipe

3. Matcha Cranberry Linza Cookies


Matcha is probably one of the most fun ingredients to cook with. You can create so many unique recipes, and it provides a beautiful color in addition to its flavor! All you need for these cookies are

-unsalted butter, at room temperature
-confectioners’ sugar
-1 large egg
-pure vanilla extract
-pure almond extract
-all-purpose flour
-culinary-grade matcha powder
-fine sea salt
-cranberry jam

Total Time= 30-40 minutes

Click HERE for the recipe

4. Lemon Cookies

Lemon-Delicious-Pudding-5.jpgWho can resist a dessert with ice cream on top? Certainly not us! Here is all you need for this sweet and citrusy dessert

-caster sugar
-butter, room temp
-zest of a lemon
-eggs, separated

-lemon juice
-plain flour
-full cream milk

-icing sugar, cream or ice-cream, to serve

Total Time= 40 minutes

Click HERE for the recipe

5. Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Muffins

08be3718-9ed9-4652-85f8-e543624be1f4-1.jpgNot only are these adorable, but they are delicious and extra fun to make with the family. All you’ll need is

-Refrigerated French bread

Total Time= 35 minutes

Click HERE for the recipe

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