Budget Friendly & Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

For some people, grocery shopping can seem overwhelming and hectic, especially during the Holiday Season. We’re here to tell you that if you’re prepared and have the right technique, grocery shopping can be fun! Here are some of our favorite tips.

1. Plan your meals out & make a list!

Planning your meals in advance is a great way to stay on a healthy diet, and can also be a way to incorporate some new and exciting meals into your life! By planning your meals out beforehand, you’ll know exactly what you’ll need (and what you don’t need) when at the store.

2. Shop High & Low

Most of the time, Grocery stores put the more expensive and unhealthy items in the middle of the shelves and the least expensive items on the top and bottom shelves. Try to avoid being coerced into buying the brand names when you don’t need to!

3. Shop Generic

It’s quite common for large brand names and generic brands to have the same exact ingredients, yet different prices. Unless you really feel there is a significant difference, try to opt for the generic name, as you will be paying much less for the same item.

4. Go on a Full Stomach!

Shopping while hungry can be a very dangerous game that we have all, at some point, fallen into to. Try to go to the grocery store when you’re not hungry to avoid making impulse purchases.

5. Think Raw, Whole, and Bulk

Buying raw and whole foods is a great way to save, opposed to buying pre-cooked or pre-chopped foods at the store. Try buying raw vegetables, fruits, and meat in bulk while they are on sale, and cut/prepared them yourself, then freeze it to make it last longer!

6. Plan to go once a week

Going to the grocery store more than once a week can lead to unnecessary purchases, and spending more than necessary. Try to go to the grocery store only once a week and buy everything you need at once. By going the same day each week, it will be easier to determine how much food you need to last you for the week and stop you from over or under buying.

7. Shop with a calculator and add things up as you put them in your cart

Using a calculator as you place items in your cart will help you get an exact idea of how much you’re spending so you’re not left guessing when you reach the register. By letting them hold the calculator, this can also be a fun and creative way to have your kids engage with the grocery shopping experience and to teach them about being responsible!

8. Go when you’re feeling good!

Try to go when you’re feeling your best, this way you will be focused, more likely to make wiser decisions and enjoy the grocery shopping experience!

9. Clean out your cupboards and refrigerators once a month

This way you can see what you’re buying and not eating, and what you already have. It’s also nice to always have a clean space where you store your food.

10. Go to the same grocery store if you can

Try to stick to your favorite local grocery store if possible. This way, when you’re shopping, you’ll know where everything is and how much it costs, which will make your overall experience better and ultimately quicker!

Thanks for reading & don’t forget to check out our Special Holiday Menu

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