2019 Food Trends We’re Looking Forward To

2018 was the year of avocados, charcoal-infused foods and plant-based options…and it was awesome! We can’t wait to see what food trends 2019 will bring, so we did a little research and found a few of the top 5 predictions for this year’s food craze! 

1. Plant-Based Food/Faux Meat

2018 was a big year for plant-based foods and learning more about meat alternatives. We’re looking forward to seeing more “faux-meats” in the spotlight in 2018! One we love and include on our menu is the Beyond Meat Burger. We’re also excited to see foods such as jack-fruit, cauliflower, and other vegetables being the focal point of dishes!

2. Eating at Home More

According to Forbes, the number one food trend to look out for in 2019 is that “more people will eat at home more.” This is the perfect opportunity to roll up your sleeves, and learn some new home-made recipes! And besides, who wants to go out in this cold weather? Cooking and eating at home is one of the best ways to unwind and get to know yourself, your family, and your food a little bit better.

3. More Sour Flavors

According to SheKnows, sour foods will be a prominent trend to look out for in 2019. Make sure to look out for foods such as coconut vinegar, kimchi, pickles, calamansi, rhubarb, and tamarind!

4. “Ugly” Food

It’s not as weird as it sounds! As mentioned in our previous blog post, many fruits and vegetables are thrown out in grocery stores because of their unique appearances. However, it is predicted that in 2019 more people will stop rejecting perfectly healthy and delicious fruits and vegetables because of their different shapes. This is great because it would mean a decrease in food waste, and more fruits and veggies being enjoyed!

5. Recyclable and Lower-Impact Packaging

Being eco-friendly and aware of our impact on the environment has been on the rise lately, which is something we are very passionate about at Meisterdish. In fact, you’ve probably already seen a lot of companies begin to make some environmentally friendly changes in their packaging. Cardboard and paper are excellent clean and eco-friendly resources we will begin to see more of. A great example of this is Samsung, who just announced that they will be replacing their plastic packaging with eco-friendly materials.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out our Valentine’s Day menu! Pre-order available through Thursday, February 14th.

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