Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Having a kitchen you love can really make a difference in how much you use it and how enjoyable your cooking experience is! We know remodeling your kitchen is no easy or simple task. That’s why we made a list of a few easy and inexpensive ways you can upgrade your kitchen, and upgrade your cooking experiences! 

All about cabinets


If you’re tired of your cabinets and are looking for something new but don’t want to go through the long processes of buying and replacing your old ones, consider re-painting them and replacing the handles and pulls. “Changing out cabinetry hardware is one of the easiest and quickest updates,” says HGTV’s Scott McGillivray, author of How to Add Value to Your Home.

Create an accent wall


If you’re not looking to repaint all of your cabinets, opt for one wall instead! Creating an accent wall can really add a new layer to your kitchen.  “Go darker than you usually would,” says Scott. “If I’m painting a room light gray, I’d add an accent wall that’s two shades deeper.” You can even consider unique wallpapers, like a brick wall or tile if you’re feeling adventurous!

Go for some new lighting


Lighting can make such a huge difference in any room, especially your kitchen. Try something colorful or unique. Pinterest is a great place for inspiration!

Think of small appliances as decorative pieces


Look at colorful small kitchen appliances as also decorative pieces! For example, a pink stand mixer, a blue toaster, or a red coffee machine. Get creative!

Update your drapes and shades


Adding some new shades or drapes on your windows in your kitchen can make a huge difference! This is a fun and easy way to add some new color to your kitchen and make it feel like new.

Add a rug


Just like with drapes and shades, adding a new rug to your kitchen can give it a brand new feel, and is a great way to play around with some new colors.

Get some plants


Give your kitchen a more fresh feel with some new plants. Add some by your windows, or wherever you feel would look best. Another fun thing about plants is finding some unique and colorful planters. There are some great DIY and unique planter ideas on Pinterest as well!

Add a backsplash


Just like adding an accent wall, adding a backsplash is less time consuming and expensive than redoing all of your walls. “The beauty of it is that it’s very limited in square footage,” Scott says. “The average backsplash is between 10 and 40 square feet.”

Re-do your countertops


This job is less expensive than it seems. Look for some laminate tops and imitation stone, wood or marble designs!

Thank you to Good House Keeping for the list inspiration!

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