Tips For Helping Kids Enjoy Fruits & Veggies

Getting kids to eat foods they don’t like is no easy task, and we all know most kids would prefer something sugary and sweet over fruits or vegetables. In this blog post, we are going to go over 5 tips that will help you incorporate fruits and vegetables into your kids’ meals to help them enjoy them!

1. Sneak veggies into their favorite meals

If vegetables are something your child is hesitant to eat, try putting them into their favorite meal to make it more appealing. For example, try pasta with peas, broccoli in scrambled eggs, or try our Kid’s Mac’n Cheese with yellow bell peppers!

K05_Kid's Mac'n Cheese_hero.jpg

2. Get creative!

Try making a plate of vegetables or fruit into something fun to look at! Try making a funny face or something fun that your child is interested in.


3. Make junk food less available

Try slowly eliminating the amount of junk food in the house. If fruits and veggies are the first things you see in the fridge and is easily accessible, it is more likely that they will be eaten. Try filling your fridge with fruits and vegetables so they are more accessible and easily available.


4. Make it part of the routine

Make vegetables a part of your dinner routine by incorporating them into your meals more often. Exposing your child to healthy foods will make them less intimidating and will encourage better eating habits.


5. Fruit for dessert!

We all know ice cream for dessert is the best! However, making fruits into a dessert will make them more appealing and more like a treat than something they are being forced to eat. You can even try fruits with whipped cream, or fruits covered ice cream!



Thanks for reading!

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