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MindBodyGreen’s Input on the Benefits of Meal-Kits

In a recent post by Mind Body Green, Emma Loewe dissects the ways in which most meal-kit companies are actually more environmentally friendly than they may be perceived. Loewe points out the many ways that meal-kit companies work to ensure that their products are always fresh, eco-friendly, and of course, delicious! Loewe discusses the cons […]

The Emotions of Cooking One of Our Meals for the First Time (shown by gifs)

At Meisterdish, we make our meals as easy as possible for you to make, by washing, prepping, and giving step by step directions on what to do. However, we still know how intimidating it can be to get into the kitchen and cook something new. Here’s our interpretation of cooking one of our boxes for […]

7 Benefits of Eating Locally Grown Food

At Meisterdish, we love to use locally grown ingredients whenever possible for so many different reasons. The main being that it’s a win-win situation. Read Michigan State University Extension’s list on a few benefits of eating locally grown food! Locally grown food is full of flavor. When grown locally, the crops are picked at their peak of ripeness […]