Our Year in Review!

In honor of the new year, we are going to take a blog post to review some of your (and our) favorite blog posts from 2018! Leave us a comment to let us know what new content you would like to see moving forward in 2019!

1. Our Answer to the Wall Street Journal on the Surprising Rewards of Meals Kits

In this blog post, we responded to Bee Wilson’s article on the benefits and advantages that meal kits can bring. 

You talk about the waste meal kit companies create. We understand and agree so we go a step further to minimize the waste that other meal kit companies produce. We are not a subscription-based service that delivers boxes from a warehouse. We create single or double portions meal-kits that are made-to-order, delivered within an hour for cooking that night. This allows us to wash, chop and portion to the tee for your daily dinner needs, thus just a small recycled “take-out like” box with everything you need.

2. What is Your Ecological Footprint?

In this post, we discuss the importance of knowing your ecological footprint, and ways to find out what it is. Take the quiz here!

3. Our Tips On How You Can Reserve 15 Minutes for Cooking Each Day

In this post, we list off a few different ways you can save time throughout the day in order to be able to have time to cook dinner. Some of the tips include getting rid of distractions, planning your days in advance, and more!

4. Best Foods to Eat Before Bed

We all know how hard it can be to break the habit of late night snacking. But what if we told you that it might actually be good for you? Read our list of the best foods to eat before you go to bed!

5. Meet Joyce Farms

In this post, we highlight one of our fresh and local food sources, Joyce Farms. View the post to read about how Joyce Farms traveled the world to learn about the best, healthiest, and most delicious farming methods in the game! 

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to comment on what new blog posts you’d like to see in 2019!

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